World Tour Photographs: Days 27-32 France and Belgium

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From France onward, I visited places familiar to me from past travels, so the photographs will be less about sightseeing and more about old friends and familiar things… With France in particular, I was just passing through — going from Charles De Gaulle airport and onward to Belgium via the TGV high speed railway (which I love — always an amazing travel experience, going hundreds of miles per hour!). In fact, when leaving Belgium for England, I had the opportunity to take the TGV again, now that the Chunnel is an option. Highly recommended!

Photographs in this seris include:

  1. Lunch at CDG
  2. Family and Friends in Lauwe
  3. St Sixtus Abbey – Westvlederen Beer
  4. Ghent
  5. Brussels and the Belgian Federal Parliament
  6. Onward to London

France and Belgium

Getting there from Azerbaijan…

Lunch at CDG in Paris

To be continued…

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